Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pampleteers of the Resistance

The best writing on the web seems to be in the Blogosphere.

Some choose to remain anonymous and with some, it is an open secret as to who they are. The Freeway Blogger is anon and ever present, speaking our thoughts in the medium of cardboard and chainlink. But then there are the pamphlets that are not pamphlets. The bloggers:

"Rivulets of water ran down from his thumb and forefinger as he held them up, "I was this close... this f***ing close... to ruling the whole goddam world... but no, I had to be the power behind the throne of Bozo-the-F***ing-Clown..."

And also:
"I knew that a real journalist would’ve found a way to cross the river, climb the last line of mountains and then headed down to see the killing up close. Good journalists go to the places where people die: great ones get there in time to watch them do it. Once I realized that I knew I didn’t want to be a journalist anymore."

As we watch our Constitutional freedoms get picked off by fearmonger Fascists, we look to our elected officials for salvation but they are cowards. It is up to us to give them transplants of courage.

They can ignore our emails to the official Congressional web site..But they cannot ignore our cardboard screams. Will there be a price on our heads like that of John Hancock?

We are the Pamphleteers of the new resistance movement and it is an honorable company...But some of us are the essence of greatness are to be revered.

One such is Scarlet. Enjoy!

The Freeway Blogger

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  1. The freeway bloggers are some of the most effective among us.
    Their hard work and dedication has been an early building block for political blogging and they are true champions of free speech.

    I salute them all.