Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving for Peace Kids

If there's one thing an American believes he has it is the right to Free Speech.

First Amendment rights supercede all others, but only in theory. The most protected of all speech envisioned by the Founders was that of the political opposition. If we don't protect the speech of those "Not in power" our country could fall into the hands of an unprincipled leader who might get us into an illegal war against a sovereign nation that poses no threat to us, or something.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I want to give thanks for those who stand up for our Freedoms by expressing and fighting for their own.

Since the American Media have abdicated their role in preserving Free Speech by being the gatekeepers for facts, It is now up to us. We know that it is not supporting our Troops when they are sent to be maimed or die for a cause, falsely presented by our leaders...Leaders who brand those who oppose them as traitors even as they commit visibly treasonous acts themselves, for no better reason than to harm those who oppose their schemes. With this in mind, I would like to present two groups of great Americans who fight for our Freedoms in their own personal way and at great personal cost.

First is a group I call, "The Bridge Chicks". Statements against them include such as these:

“While I believe in the right to free speech, to me that doesn’t give anyone the
right to criticize one’s leader at a foreign venue in a totally nonpolitical

Note that had the little sign been in praise of Bush it would have been fine...No taking sides here? Another statement:

“It’s not that I don’t forgive them, but I still think they should be punished.”

So what did these women do? They waved American flags, hummed the Star Spangled Banner, and held up a sign that said,

"We did not vote for Bush."

The second group of great Americans wanted to form a "Peace Club" at their Florida high school.

Their posters were torn down or Swastikas were painted over them. Other kids wore Confederate flag shirts with slogans like,

"If Peace is the Answer, It must be a stupid question."

Another student had a peace poster torn off her locker and replaced by this one:

'I Love America, Because America Loves War' sign up.'

The school refused to allow the Peace club and has lied about it to the press, saying no written application was received by the Principal, but not only was that not true but the kids had a faculty sponsor. In dramatic irony, the Principal's name who won't let the Peace Kids have their club is...

Mr. Cool.

So today let us give thanks for these Great Americans who continue to believe in America.

Peace...And have a Happy ThanksGiving!


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