Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Uncalculated Cost of War

War atrocities take their toll, not just on the victims within the war zone, but also on the troops who are led to commit them in America's name:

There is a particularly terrible irony in the relationship between suicide
bombers and the suicides of American soldiers and veterans. With the possible
exception of some few sadists and psychopaths, Americans don't enlist in the
military because they want to kill civilians. And they don't sign up with the
expectation of killing themselves. How incredibly sad that so many end up dying
of remorse for having performed acts that so disturb their sense of moral
selfhood that they sentence themselves to death.

Today, about 17 American Veterans will commit suicide. That's over 6000 a year. it is roughly 50 times the number of suicide bombers in the same period. This is a phenomenal cost to our society and to our Country.

The Iraq War must end now. There is no possible outcome that can be good for us at this point. Let's cut our losses and stop marching American lives over the cliff...Let us save, not only those lives we would lose in conflict of war, but also those lives we will lose to the nightmare of their continued existence in emotional anguish.

Here is more on the plight of the American Veteran.



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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    It's a very sad thing.
    Here you have our bravest citizens doing their duty, going when called, without asking why. That's what defending one's country and people is all about. Self sacrifice.
    And in return, they're being shit on by a coward of a leader that couldn't even fulfill his own commitment to serve.

    Soldiers have a right to be able to trust their commander-in-chief. Their commander-in-chump, in this case, let them down.
    He betrayed their trust, sacrificed their lives on the alter of Right-Wing idealism, and has done nothing but shit on them and the vets that went before them for seven years now.

    The whole war is an atrocity. In and of itself.

    This shit has got to stop.
    There is no victory to be had. Iraq was the second freest nation in the Muslim world, second only to Lebanon. The evidence against Saddam was fabricated, that's a fact. Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

    If Iraq turned into Disney Land tomorrow, there is still no possible way to justify the loss of nearly 4000 of our people and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis that did absolutely nothing to deserve to have their lives torn apart and snuffed out. Not to mention the damage to America's standing in the world community and our tense polarization here at home.

    Sad, isn't it? Almost as sad as the fact that there are still vermin that support this joke of an administration.