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He was in jail next to Awful Knofel

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The animated Beatle Movie "Yellow Submarine" premiered on July 17, 1968. For some reason I have been wanting to play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and started thinking. You folks know how dangerous that is. So here's a bit of Yellow trivia:

The term "Blue Meanies" is actually a metaphor for bad people in government and corporate, who force their wills on good people (Pepperlanders), and carelessly deplete and ruin the natural environment, resources, colour and landscape. They are carefree about their destructive ways and will do whatever necessary to crush those (The Beatles) who oppose them.

Evel Knievel died yesterday. He was a wild ass petty criminal who entertained a lot of us as we watched him to see if he would kill himself. I thought he got his name from his grandfather but here's a different version that's funnier:

Bobby Knievel dropped out of high school after his sphomore year and got a job with the Anaconda Mining Company as a diamond drill operator in the copper mines. He was promoted to surface duty where his job was driving a large earth mover. Knievel was fired when he made the earth mover pop a motorcycle-type wheelie and drove it into Butte's main power line, leaving the city without electricity for several hours.

With a lot of time on his hands, Knievel began to get into more and more trouble around Butte. After one particular police chase in 1956 in which he crashed his motorcycle, Knievel was taken to jail on a charge of reckless driving.

When the night jailer came around to check the roll, he noted Robert Knievel in one cell and William Knofel in the other. Knofel was well known as "Awful Knofel" ("Awful" rhyming with "Knofel") so Knievel began to be referred to as Evel Knievel ("Evel" rhyming with "Knievel"). The nickname stuck.

So now he's died...An American Character we'll miss, somehow.



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