Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One Liner

Listening to the news talk shows you are absolutely convinced that the Republican race is between the ascendant, Huckabee, and the descendant, Romney and Giulianni with a slight nod to McCain. Romney can't win because Mormons think God is Jesus' older brother and Giulianni has gay friends and mistresses (apparently the mob connections are no problem, it's the homos). I have this theory that Romney and Giulianni may be pandering self serving ass holes, but in the end they just aren't crazy enough to appeal to the republican primary voter, noted far and wide for foam at the mouth wing-nuttery.

In the media, the Democratic contest is between Hillary and Obama with Edwards only talked about as a "dark horse". Hillary has the highest negatives of any Democrat, though, and Obama has his own challenges, although most intelligent people think living a portion of your life outside the USA is a huge credential on the world stage, and why is it that a person with only one white parent is black, anyway?

But polls depicting a head to head match up tell a completely different story. Head to head puts this candidate against that candidate, and guess what it tells us?

John McCain is the only republican who beats any of the Democrats, and John Edwards is the only Democrat who destroys every single one of the Republicans...humiliating John McCain by ten points. Iowans thought Edwards was by far the best candidate in the last Democratic debate and the Iowa caucus polls show him tied or beating Hillary, with Obama in the lead. We'll see what happens after the debate has time to sink in.

Suffice it to say that it ain't over, though we will see pronouncement after pronouncement on news talk shows, particularly the ones that feature a Republican and a Conservative as their fair and balanced commentators, which is most of them.

Frankly, I can't wait for the writer's strike to be over so we can get some real news in America. The Daily Show, Colbert, and the late night monologues are the main place coherent thinkers in America get to speak out, with Olbermann rising fast.

Why is it that comedy shows tell us the news...And the news shows are a joke?



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