Monday, December 03, 2007

Political Creek

National politics affect us all, and I guess it's time for me to own up to the original reason I started writing WhitesCreek Journal. I wanted to document my thoughts on the Presidential election and the direction certain choices would take America. Over the next year, I expect I will offer a good bit of opinion on the candidates and what choosing them would mean for our future, so I'm just warning you...If you stay with me, you'll read a lot of things like this:

Leader of the Pack?

Suddenly the leader of the GOP pack has changed in Iowa. Rudy Giulianni has had the shining veil of his 911 extended photo op lifted to expose him as a philandering megalomaniac who uses public money for his own, possibly illegal, purposes and attempts to destroy anyone who dares to oppose him or reveal the truth about his exploits.

Giulianni has been replaced by Mike Huckabee, a megalomaniac who uses public money for his own. possibly illegal, purposes and attempts to destroy anyone who opposes him or reveal the truth about his exploits.

I keep coming back to a question I and many other folks have repeatedly posed...Are ALL Republican candidates nutjobs? I mean when Mitt Romney seems to be the sanest one of the bunch, there's some serious smoke coming from the engine compartment of the GOP bus.

Huckabee, being the front runner, gets our attention for now. He has something in common with Giulianni in that only about a third of his former constituents would support him if he got the nomination. It took a lot of shouting from Giulianni's ex-people to get the rest of the world to start noticing that the guy has a corruption problem, even if you disregard his cheatin' ways. Now that Rudy is in eclipse feathers, we can turn to Huckabee for an even bigger and more egotistical nutjob, if that's possible.

Sanctioned by the campaign ethics commission on more than five separate occaisions, Huckabee has earned the support of a minority of his own party's legislators in Arkansas. Only 10 of the 33 Republican Legislators in Arkansas have said they will support him.

A lot of speculation has gone on regarding the secrets held on State computer hard drives that might xpose even more wrong doing on Huckabee's part, but he took care of that little problem by having the hard drives crushed.

Salon on Huckabee

Enjoy your reading assignment. There'll be more.



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  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Excellent read. By an Arkansas insider no less.

    My first negative on Suckabee came when I saw him on a C-SPAN talk show that featured call-in questions.
    One caller questioned Suckabee about the war and characterized the war as "murder", which it clearly is.

    Suckabee immediately, as though prepared, stated "I don't consider our troops to be murderers".
    It took Suckabee no more than a split second to blame our troops for the war.
    That's not a leader, that's a coward that refuses to live up to his mistakes and the facts about the war.
    The caller was referring to the Policy Makers as "murderers". Suckabee was the only one to put it off on the kids.

    Suckabee is the quintessential Republican. Full of shit and yellow to the core.