Friday, December 28, 2007

Field of Study

With a presidential candidate not immediately being forced to withdraw after noting with a straight face , that assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan did not properly sacrifice herself to her husband and, and Tennessee's own Prez candidate saying that it's fine for other countries to have a woman leader but not the USA ... I need to get a laugh somewhere.

There's always Texas, right?

The Winter Solstice signals the darkest night of the year but there is another darkness creeping around this Country. It seems like the Texas Board of Higher Education wants to allow the Institute for Creation Research issue Master's Degrees. I think the degree would be an M.S...That would not be Master of Science...The S would stand for Stoopid, I think.

Susan has the funny:

Why do we need an Institute for the study of Ignorance?

We're pretty good at that right off the bat.



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