Sunday, December 16, 2007

Old Dogs and Children

Michael Vick, the very talented and now jailed quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, is serving 23 months in jail for abusing dogs. I detest people who abuse animals, but I have to think Vick's sentence has more to do with who he is than what he did. What if he were white?...Or the son of a Republican?

In Roane County, Tennessee a man was sentenced to probation for killing his wife's lover. "He was upset," said the judge.

In Blount County, Tennessee a Judge refused to issue a restraining order against a man who regularly beat his wife on the grounds that she was not an American citizen, even though she was legally in our country. The penalty for spousal abuse can easily match what Vick is serving for abusing dogs.

I can go on, and it's not just Tennessee, I just happen to be familiar with these examples and I'm sure you can provide your own.

Here's one you might be interested in...A man shot, hung, slit the throat, and eventually stoned a stray dog to death. He and his buddy were fired from their jobs as camp councilors (taking care of kids, yeah) but not reported to the police. That was a few years back, and recently the man was arrested at the airport trying to board a plane with a loaded Glock pistol. "Didn't know it was there," he said and was sentenced to 10 days of community service which he can avoid by paying $100.

"Politically motivated," said the man's father about the accusations and charges. The father also carries a concealed weapon. he is also a Baptist Minister, and is currently in the lead to win he Iowa Republican Caucus. I guess it's ok that his child seems to have serious problems because it's only fair to be mean toward children of Democrats...Ask Chelsea Clinton, who seems to be living a fine life to make a parent proud. It would make headline news if Chelsea Clinton got a parking ticket, but David Huckabee tries to walk on board a plane with a loaded weapon and gets a hundred dollar fine and you folks only know about it because of some liberal blogger living in a cabin in the hills of Tennessee.

Mike Huckabee claims to love Jesus and love guns and raised a child who should have felt consequences for several of his actions, but didn't. I think it is a small example of how justice would be administered if he were in charge. It's just one more example of Conservative self delusion, that it is fair if his children don't get punished for things that send other's to prison.

What is it about prominent Conservatives that crazy gets a pass? What is it about your media that this is OK by them?

Where has "FAIR" gone in America?



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