Monday, December 31, 2007

So Mean

A relative was offended when I said I wouldn't even consider a Republican candidate this time. He kept asking why?

By way of replying, I asked him to name one thing that the republican party, being in control of all three branches of government, had done that was good for the Country? The only thing he could come up with was "no terrorist attacks since 9-11", which is hilarious...since they really have to take credit for 9-11 in the first place. Lot's of people were trying to tell them but they really screwed that one up and I think it has to stay on the record.

My real problem with Republicans is that they are just plain damned mean, and I just don't like them anymore, sorry. Republicans have even gotten so mean they don't even like themselves:

"My party is appealing to a real meanness," he said in an interview, "and an irresponsible sense of machismo in foreign policy. ...I'm an American before I'm a Republican."
...Republican Senator John Danforth

Me too, Senator Danforth. As a matter of fact, I'm so many things before I'm a republican that I can't even list them here, but I think republican falls right between corpse and nazi war criminal, if I'm reading my list right.




I keep hearing people diss John Edwards because he's wealthy and a lawyer. All I can say is, So is everyone else.

Most people think of John McCain as a war hero. He has very little business experience and has been a Senator since 1982. He was hounded by scandal fairly early in his career but one thing is certain...No one seems to realize how much money he's worth or that most of his net worth was gained during his tenure in the senate.

John McCain is a very wealthy man, primarily due to selling beer...Say $21 to $32 Million according to his filings, but others put the figure as much higher.

Mitt Romney is worth somewhere north of $190 Million.

Hillary ain't no slouch, with $10-50 Million, though that includes Bill's money too.

Barack is a relative pauper with reported assets of $456k to $1.1 Million, and Kucinich probably qualifies for food stamps with only a few hundred thousand.

Huckabee is worth a bit less than a Million but Giulliani is loaded with estimates in the $50 Million range and rising fast.

All in all, it's good to see that a poor boy can rise up and get rich enough to run for President of the United States of America...Poor Girls, too.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I've tried to give a break to the Republicans that were smart enough to see what was going on and withhold their vote in '04. Unfortunately we can probably count them on one hand.

    But that's them. I knew when so many of them turned their backs on what was right and voted for the Nazis yet again in '04 that we were dealing with a sort of collective cannibalistic psychosis. Sociopaths all, as though rolled off of the exact same assembly line. Void of individuality, independent thought, and most of all, the ability to be compassionate.

    They consume their fellow man for personal gain. They are the very essence of evil.
    We should all feel a certain amount of anger, and shame because of them. Their selfishness, callousness and fear of the unknown are the mannerisms of animals and other sub-human entities.

    Republicans are why I don't believe all aspects of the theory of evolution. Evidently devolution is alive and well.

    As for Edwards, there are a few reasons that certain people disparage him.

    Asleep-at-the-Wheel Democrats that actually believe that Hillary or Obama either one could win a general election tend to attack Edwards because he's the White-Male-Christian.

    Idiots of all flavors that see his money yet cannot conceive the personal effort, and honest effort at that, that was required to get where he is. He made millions and left no body bags in his wake. That's good enough for me.
    Even Socialists like myself value individual effort and feel it should be rewarded as long as no victims were left behind.

    Pure jealousy.
    He's a young, handsome maverick statesman that believes in mundane things like peace, compassion, kindness, honesty and freedom.
    He's the kind of person most Republicans, and Depublicans for that matter, can only lie awake in bed at night wishing they were.

    He'll make a great President. Probably the greatest ever.

    Happy New Year, White's Creek.