Tuesday, December 04, 2007

American Heroes

The President had staked out his stand against war with Iran and now the CIA has backed him up.

A different president did everything he could to prevent the CIA from going public with damning information that undermined his case for war.

What information did President Bush try to keep from being released?

Iran has no nuclear weapons and has no intention of getting them.

It is a tale of the weirdest time in American history when the CIA backs the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and publics points out the President of the United States, George Bush, is a big fat liar...But that is exactly what just happened.

At the same time, every major Republican Candidate for President was made to look like a complete fool.

Giulianni just kept on rattling his sword at Iran, promising war and looking more like a character out of some freaky Batman sequel, what with his mafia friends, police force lackeys, and serial mistresses.

Romney was made to look like a complete idiot saying we should talk to the religious leaders in Iran instead of the Government, and why talk anyway when we can just bomb the crap out of them?

Huckabee said we should talk to China, Russia, and South Korea so that when we go to war with Iraq it will be their fault.

...And then the CIA pulled the rug out from under every single one of them.

There must be a fascinating backstory in all this but from where I stand, Condi Rice comes off as a minor heroine who went against Dick Cheney and his plans for eternal war by allowing the release of a previously classified report by the 16 Intelligence Agencies who went against their President in order to prevent what Bush himself was calling "World War Three."

Frankly, folks...In my lifetime I never thought I would call anyone at the head of an American Intelligence Agency a hero, but here I am... These people love their country.

No Congressman or Senator or any activist anywhere in America has presented a more definitive case for impeachment of the American President, George W. Bush, and the Vice President, Richard B. Cheney, than the CIA just did.

At the very least, the CIA has done what it could to prevent World War Three.



  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    This just proves that the Iraq war was a success!

    [Clifford May was actually arguing that on MSNBC last night.]

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM


    Me thinks someone somewhere worked real hard against Bush, Israel, and their WWIII plans. I remember reading from a credible source that certain high-ranking military personnel were bucking chimpy's push for war with Iran. It would take more than just them.

    There are patriots in the agencies after all it seems.

    Who was it that was involved with the CIA and Iranian issues?.......
    Oh, yeah. Valerie Plame Wilson.
    Funny how someone has just done the exact same thing concerning Iran that Joe Wilson tried to do concerning Iraq.