Thursday, December 06, 2007


I have a problem with how we discuss things like the latest "Mall Massacre."

I'm sorry for all his relatives and friends but he was simply a murderer. A vile and disgusting murderer who did not even have the decency to end his own life without destroying the lives of other innocent people who had done him no harm.

He chose to end his miserable existence in the absolute meanest possible way and should be publicly vilified as a wretched piece of scum.

Now I know that the ammofascists will rant things like, "See! If everybody else had been packing heat, he would have been stopped after the first few murders." This is a dishonest and self serving argument that conveniently ignores the possibility of a massive gun fight erupting in the chaos, or the untold numbers of shootings that would inevitably blow up in day to day interactions of Little League dads with guns readily at their finger tips. It also fails to own up to the fact that a large percentage of shooters like this have obtained their guns illegally, through some flaw in the system as did the shooter at Virginia Tech.

Yes I know that our latest monster had problems and had gotten dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job at McDonald's but that makes him no less the foul monster that is proved himself to be.

Media will focus on the dead, the wounded, and the stories of near misses and near tragedies, and it will wallow in the grief, interviewing everyone who will tell their horrible story, and they will tell the names of the victims and the name of the murderer, who says he did it to become famous.

And these sick people who may become the next miserable monster to go on a rampage of senseless death will be watching and may well envision their own photograph on the screen. I would tell them, at this instant, that we will never again show the photo of a monster, say his name out loud, or promote his unworthiness and miserableness in any manner that can remotely be considered glorification.

I would tell them that we will not remember them at all...For they are the scum of human existence and we will turn our backs on them and turn our minds away from their vile and putrid last act.

We shall grieve, but...

The muderer shall receive no reward.



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