Monday, November 26, 2007

One Democracy Initiative

Ok...I'm going to shill for a Presidential Candidate.

If your mind is already made up, go away, unless you care about ideas that could possibly make America work. (I said possibly)

So I'm a John Edwards fan, nothing new about that, but I keep wondering why Edwards hasn't gone straight to the front of the pack of Democratic candidates? He has great ideas and is much more electable than Dennis Kucinich. Maybe that's why the $400 haircut myth is still being pushed out there by his opponents in both parties...Edwards has great ideas...And he's electable!

Nothing scares political operatives more than something that would actually give "Power to the People," and it scares elected politicians even more...There goes the old meal ticket, should an actual thought process be brought into the act of making legislative decisions.


Well John Edwards is backing just such a policy. It's called "A Citizen Congress."

"Wait a minute," I can hear you saying, "Isn't that what Congress was supposed to be when the Constitution was written?"

Well, Yea-uhhh! But that was back in the days of selfessness and idealism...You know, before Congress actually realized there was a lot of money to be had by whoring for Corporations.
Right now, this very second in time, is a very good example of why politicians shouldn't be allowed to get elected to office. (I know that sounds funny, but think about it) Congress continues to enable the Iraq war even though an overwhelming majority of Americans (68%) want us to bring the troops home. About that same number think we should impeach the President and most of his staff, and at least put the ones guilty of treason in jail for a little bit.

But Congress doesn't pay any attention to the people...Only Lobbyists, apparently.

So now there comes this idea that America belongs to the Americans and not Corporations, especially the ones that have some foreign ownership, which is just about all of them.

So John Edwards has this talk he gives about the Two Americas and it's a doozy. But now he has come out with this new one about:

One Democracy.

Wow...What an old fashioned idea.



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