Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Want my Writers Back!

OK, look...When I fall asleep snoring on the couch at 8:45 P.M. and wake up to Leno's monologue, I want cracking sharp wit and slashing cruel humor aimed at my country's leaders...You know, the kind they won't put on the evening news where it belongs, like this, from Adam Felber:

Romney’s 9 point victory in the state that his Dad’s a legend in doesn’t
raise its intended message. No, to Republicans, it says three things:

1.Good lord, McCain really is that dull, isn’t he?
2.We’re doomed, aren’t we?
3.God, please give us Hillary, and make sure you send her husband a big, trashy redhead before November…

(See what I mean? Felber's awesome, funny, and right on...Not so, the pundits.)

Want to know the real reason Hillary won New Hampshire? Don't ask a pundit, silly...Pundits are morons.

(In this case, moron = polite term for media whore, btw)

They get paid to think certain things which don't actually involve any thinking.

So in order to know truth, one can go to only one place...Comedy writers!



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