Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who do I vote for?

Rick Flair told me to vote for Huckabee, so did Chuck Norris.

Wilford Brimley told me to vote for McCain, Saturday night live guy Lorne Michaels too

John Voight said Giulliani, So did Adam Sandler and Ben Stein. Ben Stein is probably the most disingenuous person on earth, so that one fits, and now you know why John Voight and daughter Angelina Jolie don't speak to each other.

Oprah does Obama, as do Clooney, Jenifer Anniston, and Python John Cleese, and also, just about everybody else with a name.

Pat Boone went for Romney. I know what you're thinking..."Huh?" Yeah, me too.

Streisand sent cash to lots of Dems but came out for Hillary. So did Magic Johnson, Billie Jean King and Jerry Springer...Springer for Hillary? That one should carry a lot of weight.

Desperate House wives guy, James Denton, sent money to John Edwards and BlueGrass legend Ralph Stanley is touring with him. Edwards also gets support from Madeleine Stowe, Danny Glover and Tim Robbins. I like Tim Robbins.

Paul Newman gave money to Everybody on the Democratic side, while Michael Douglas gave money to everybody But John Edwards. (Ok, Michael...Next time I see Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction, I'm going to to root for the crazy women)

John Mayer went for Ron Paul. If you've seen an interview with either one of know.

Mitt Romney got Donny Osmond, which figures, what with the Mormon connection...Can't have religious people thinking for themselves. Romney also got endorsed by Anne Coulter. Yeah! Anne Coulter. What with Utah and the Zombie underworld backing him, Mitt ought to be doing much better than he is.

I guess Ted Nugent throwing his right wing nut job, turn it up loud enough and they won't notice you can't really play guitar, support to Huckabee is keeping that race tighter than it should be. (Nugent must be in bad shape if he needs a base player THAT badly)

So ultimately, the burning question of the day boils down to , "Can that fat oatmeal guy beat both fake blondes, Rick Flair and Anne Coulter?"




  1. For Edwards you can add Kevin Bacon, Harry Belefonte, Susan Sarandon, and John Mellencamp, whom have all been active on the road with the campaign.

  2. Dang!

    You mean I coulda made a Kevin Bacon joke?

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Yep, there's a "sizzle" joke in there somewhere.

    Anyway, tell Flair, Ted (I shit myself at MEPS) Nugent and Norris to chill out so captainkona doesn't have to slap them down.
    Granted, a guy that hangs out with the Stones can't be all bad, but what do fake wrestlers, washed up rock stars, and midget martial artists/movie stars have in common?


    Once again, for Republicans it's always about the tax break. The earth could open up and swallow half the planet, but as long as they get their tax break it's all good.

    Can't believe that as a youth I actually looked up to all three of those clods. Well, except for Norris who's about five foot nothin' in his boots.