Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh, Great!

When I heard about the plan for our government to give folks some money so they could spend it and help the economy, I had no illusions that the plan would make any sense or do much good.

I was right.

Giving people who have enough money, a small check will do essentially nothing. A small business tax break? Even less if it is untargeted, as this one appears to be.

If we want to help the economy and do the most good with $140 billion in borrowed money, give it to the folks from the middle of earners down. They'll spend it. Give it to a rich guy and what's he going to do with it? Save it? That's not helping. Put it in the stock market?... yeah right.

If you want to get money into the economy in a hurry, give it to folks who need to pay their heating bill, their doctor bill, their rent, their grocery bill.

Don't give it to people who are thinking about which Caribean Island to visit next.

Republicans repeatedly demonstrate that they are ethically unequipped to do anything except serve rich people, and our Democratic Congressional leadership repeatedly proves that they are ill equipped to do anything except let them and whine about it.

What losers!

I'm talking about us, for having voted for those people.



And how does Krugman feel?


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    How often do you and Sen. Bob Corker agree (sorta kinda)?

  2. Hmm...I'm not sure we do or we don't, from reading that. Did he say he feels bad about folks who can't pay the rent or put food on their families, but "Tough"...?

    People who know Corker personally, tell me he has progressive tendencies, but damned if I see any so far.

  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    All things considered, Corker is probably more "progressive" that Harold Ford Jr., so I still don't have a major problem with how that worked out.
    I'd rather have a real Repig than a Repig in disguise. At least I won't have any false hopes.

    As far as House and Senate goes, the majority of Dems usually vote right, but the DLC Blue Lap Dogs consistently vote Republican.
    Lincoln Davis, Gordon, Cooper, etc...all cowards with no individuality. Hillary Clinton? The human rubber stamp machine. All should be removed from their offices and never elected to anything again.

    Of course, it's not their fault they were elected. It's the fools that vote for them that are the problem.
    Maybe one day the average IQ of the Conservative Democrat voter will find it's way to the three digit mark and we'll finally see some changes.