Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ernest Shackleton's Scotch Stash Recovered With Brandy Bonus

There's no limit to what some people will do in search of a good single malt Scotch:

The alcohol was removed from the ice by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust, which had initially believed there to be just two crates.
Al Fastier from the trust said: "To our amazement we found five crates, three labelled as containing whisky and two labelled as containing brandy."

Famed Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton led an expedition to be the first to reach the South Pole. He failed by 100 miles. When his ship was trapped in ice he took a small crew in a life boat and rowed 800 miles across the Arctic Ocean too South Georgia Island to obtain help and rescue his entire crew. He saved every man but tragically lost his stash of Scotch and Brandy. A distiller hopes to analyze the Scotch and replicate the recipe which has been lost to mankind until now.

Noble work, that!

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