Friday, February 19, 2010

Say What? Say Who?

In the wake of another mind numbingly stupid comment from my ex-senator Fred Thompson on how "Glo-Warm" is the fault of some lost notes by a climate scientist, I thought I would share these visionary words from someone we all know:

addressing climate change will require massive investments in innovation aimed at creating the “energy miracles” needed to develop zero-carbon energy sources.

Finding carbon-free energy sources that will provide affordable power for people around the globe is a complex and difficult issue.

There is a six hour course called Earth’s Changing Climate, also by Richard Wolfson, that I recommend to people who want to learn about the science of climate change.

I spoke...about moving to zero-carbon energy, and our need to reduce CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. The talk was called Innovating to Zero...

Yeah my old buddy Al Gore is a climate change advocate and hero...Only these quotes are not from Al Gore. They are from this guy...

Bill Gates

Did Bill Gates Just Give the Most Important Climate Speech of the Year?

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  1. I was very dismayed at the Congressmen that spent important time creating sound bites making fun of Al Gore when the snowstorm shut down D.C. Surely with our economic state they could find better things to meet with the press on! Just made them look dumber than they are, if that is possible.