Friday, February 05, 2010

Every Child Outdoors

With video game and HD Tv turning out kids into couch potatoes destined for an old age fighting type 2 diabetes, some folks are trying to reverse a really unhealthy trend. Yesterday the Tennessee State Senate adopted SR705 in support of:

Tennessee Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

With recent concerns about youth detachment from the outdoors, lack of physical exercise and increased health risks, “Every Child Outdoors – Tennessee” has adopted The Tennessee Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights (TCOBOR).

“Every Child Outdoors – Tennessee” is a coalition of more than 100 supporting organizations including local, state and national organizations and agencies, governments, non-profits and businesses representing health, natural resource, education, hunting and fishing, recreation and youth stakeholders.

TCOBOR is a list of experiences from which every child in Tennessee would benefit.

Studies document that children who engage in these activities are healthier, perform better in school, have better social skills and self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives.

The Tennessee Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights states that Tennessee every child, before entering high school, should have the opportunity to:

* Walk in the woods

* Play outside

* Explore nature

* Watch wildlife

* Grow a garden

* Splash in the water

* Camp under the stars

* Learn to swim

* Climb a tree

* Go fishing

* Fly a kite

* Visit a farm

Mission of “Every Child Outdoors – Tennessee

To promote and support opportunities that encourage children to engage with and experience the outdoors.

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