Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Olympian

I've enjoyed watching this guy since the first time I saw him compete back in 2002. There's something about the bad boy head to head sports that sets them apart from glitter and judge events. His dad got him into sports to keep him from being a latch key kid after the mom left. He was chunky as a kid and still fights the weight problem if he's not training. He's been involved in international controversy and accused of throwing a race so a friend could make the Olympic team (exonerated totally). He seems to be one of those nice polite people who morph into an animal when the gun goes off. His sport is one of those where the slightest slip can cost you everything and yet he's tied for the most Olympic medals (5) won by an American male. He could easily pick up the two medals he needs to be the most successful Winter Olympian in American History or make the tiniest of errors and fall flat. It's like that for all of the head to head sports and it is agonizing for anyone close to an athlete, knowing how hard they train, how difficult it is to win, and how easy it is to lose.


It's too bad these kids have to shill so hard to pay the bills.

And because you probably missed Rachel Maddow's eviceration of the idiots who deny climate change because it snowed in Washington, D.C.

The Winter Olympics are facing a problem because it is in the 50's in Canada right now. All climate change models predict the extremes will get more extreme. Why is that so hard to get across to some people?

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