Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scary Saturday Factoid

Contemplate This!
Total value of the 10,149 U.S companies acquired since 2001 by foreign interests: $1,480,000,000,000.00
That would be another 1.5 trillion dollars in foreign owned US corporations that the Supreme Court recently gave personhood to in the worst decision ever. We have now witnessed the selling of our elected officials allegiance to foreigners rather than that totally outdated and disenfranchised loser group know as "We, The People".
WE continue to install that idiotic fence to keep Mexicans out of our asparagus fields... Where's the border fence that's going to keep the People's Republic of China out of our elections?  


  1. You DO know this message is hidden don't you? Unfortunately you are sooo right!

  2. Hmmm...The font color matches the background. I changed it to make it visible. Strange.