Monday, May 31, 2010

Secret Spot

We camped with friends on the other end of the yard. This is actually in Rhea County and is not as serious a hike as we usually take but the destination is a sensory overload.

Our Memorial Day Weekend camp out was way cool. Actually the water in this spot was more than just cool. Grown men make noise like girl. Girls make noise like grown man. 

For our work project we hauled out 7 trash bags of bottles, beer cans, and things that are unmentionable on a family oriented blog. We cleaned up several campfire sites where folks had thrown bottles and cans into the fire, thinking somehow that would make them go away. We have barely made a scratch in the amount of trash that has been thrown out but the campsite, at least, no longer offends the sensibilities. 

I took a privy design from the LSU Ag Extension and created a kit for the privy that could be carried in to what we hope is will be a often visited campsite. We located it above the flood zone in a private spot with a nice view. In the process we found this installation in a laurel thicket, installed, no doubt, by one of the legions of atv'ers who are no longer allowed to ride into this private land. The plastic bucket lid carved into a toilet seat is a nice touch, don't you think?
More pictures as I get around to them.


  1. I cool off from this Texas heat just looking at that picture. Thanks for cleaning up the place. Some folks never learned proper camping from the Girl Scouts. Susan from Texas

  2. Nice shots, especially the swimming hole one!