Thursday, May 06, 2010

TVA Board Member to Head Karl Rove's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I have to renew my call for Mike Duncan to resign from the board of TVA. He is a political hack with no business making decisions for the people of Tennessee:
American Crossroads  — designed to counter spending by labor and progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Unit and — will focus on voter contact with the potential to move into ground game and turnout efforts. Organized under the tax code as a Section 527 organization, meaning it can spend directly on political activity, it’s set an ambitious budget of $52 million and says it’s already received commitments for $30 million of that. Its president and CEO is former top U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive Steven Law; its political director is veteran GOP operative Carl Forti. The chairman is Mike Duncan, former RNC chairman; the treasurer is Jo Ann Davidson, former RNC co-chairwoman; and the secretary is Jim Dyke, former RNC communications director.

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