Monday, June 19, 2006

"Follow the Money"

The big time financial magazine. Kiplinger's figures that Dick Cheney has managed to earn about $65 million dollars on the side while he's been serving his country as Vice President. He came into office with a mere $30 Mil and now seems to have around $95 million in investments. Where did it come from?


Specificly, a war for oil.

And guess what? Cheney's financial people are betting against the American Dollar and the American economy and they aren't planning to pay their fair share of taxes.

"Sure I started this war," Cheney seems to be thinking..."So you pay for, not me...Suckers!"

Cheney's Money

My numbers on the percentage of peer reviewed articles that did not accept global warming as fact were wrong. I thought there had been two reputable scientists who had published papers disputing it. There have been none, zero, zip, nada...I plan to see the film this week.

In the mean time, there will be no shortage of hit pieces that attack Al Gore and not one will present any evidence that he is wrong...not one. Check this out:

Al Gore and global warming: Both are an "Inconvenient Truth" only if you're a Repuglican
by The Ostroy Report

While the film is being harshly criticized by Repugs, it has the unwavering support of scientists. "Perhaps the most amazing statistic in "An Inconvenient Truth," writes Edelstein, "is that of 900-plus peer-reviewed studies in recognized journals, not one has challenged the idea of global warming, whereas more than 53 percent of articles in the mainstream media have presented it as a theory or been careful to include the demurrals of a tiny handful of bought-and-paid-for scientists or politicians. In the course of Gore's lecture tour comes the unsurprising news that Bush aide Philip Cooney routinely red-penciled the conclusions of impartial government scientists; when exposed, he resigned and took a job with ExxonMobil."


Hmmm...A Bush official censuring scientists in order to change what official reports say...Who would have ever believed that?



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