Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm in Little Rock staying at the Peabody West Hotel. They got those ducks here too, just like the real Peabodyin Memphis. There are signs all around the hotel saying don't mess with the ducks, but that seems silly since they have soccer players from three states rooming here. I figure they better have spare's only a matter of time and frankly I'm betting it's a soccer parent that causes the problem.

We are exactly in the middle between the State Capitol building and the Clinton Presidential Library. I think I have the republican parents talked into going with me for a visit to the Clinton Library, which looks for all the word like the most magnificent mobile home in America overlooking the Arkansas river. I told them they could have their picture taken with the little blue dress.

Gullible...but the we knew that, didn't we?Since I'm barking about Clinton, here's a piece on Hillary, which I pretty much agree with:

If your priority is to support an inspiring female presidential candidate to break America's ultimate glass ceiling, why not draft U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer? Not electable? Nonsense: The California senator thrashed her conservative GOP opponent in a 2004 re-election campaign that shunned the failed strategy of Democratic hacks and instead emphasized principle over opportunism. She proved her political integrity again this past week by voting alongside Kerry and Feingold to set a date for getting out of Iraq.

Not so Sen. Clinton, who seems determined to revise the Cold War liberalism that gave us the Vietnam War -- which, according to former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, the brilliant Democratic war architect who later conceded he himself didn't believe in that enterprise, took more than 3 million Vietnamese and American lives.


Peace, Yall...


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  1. I never knew there was a "Peabody West."