Monday, July 03, 2006

Come on, everybody, let's Limbo!

Conservative morality is a curious thing.

I wonder how many people consider the source when choosing a news spokesperson. Wingers seem to hate Dan Rather but he seems to have his personal life in good order. Bill Moyers catches all sorts of hate from the right, but most folks would think he's a marvelous person and would welcome him into their family as an extra uncle or even a grandfather. My kids don't have one of those so we could take on a spare with no problem. wouldn't it be nice if they could sit next to Grampa Bill at family reunions and ask him questions?

I can almost hear them..."Why do you think President Clinton began the expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Nations after he promised he wouldn't, Grampa Bill?" they would say excitedly, before moving on to, "Is the American promise of religious tolerance just a utopian dream, Grampa, or can it come to fruition if Progressives can take a majority of both houses?"

Now imagine having a Conservative talking head as a relative...Rush Limbaugh and his third ex wife sitting in the Florida room next to your children...They could discuss the ins and outs of prescription drug abuse, maybe..."How much money did it cost you to get out of all those drug charges, Uncle Rush?...Do the child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic have fewer diseases than the ones in Guatemala?...Why do you need Viagra, anyway, Uncle Rush...all that Oxycontin have a side effect you didn't count on?"

And providence forbid you get related to Ann Coulter...Now there's a piece of work you never want your child exposed to. Why worry about them listening to Rap music lyrics with Coulter's foul mouth vomiting her diatribes?

Liberals try to treat everyone fairly. Not so Conservatives. Karl Rove has stated that the wives of his opponents are fairgame in his propaganda wars...even if they are serving our Nation as a CIA undercover operative, as in Valerie Plame's case. You and I mean nothing to a sociopath...and neither do our wives and children. It's only about them, you see.

Now, in their neer ending search for the depths of human behavior, the right wing has decided to attack the children of newspaper editors who dare to print things Conservatives don't like...You know...The Truth!

This is what conservatives are calling for in retribution for being identified as liars by the newspaper media:

"Go hunt* them down and do America a favor. Get their photo, street address, where their kids go to school, anything you can dig up, and send it to the link above."

And why? Conservative pundits know that their base is made up in part, of crazy people who will commit nearly any act against their enemies...

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