Monday, July 17, 2006

Ministry of Stupid Jobs

Ok, this one has even cynical old me scratching my head.

Let's go back a bit and imagine a conversation between Alberto Gonzoles, Attorney General of the United States, and a Mr. Stuart Baker, then NSA General Counsel. Gonzoles has proposed his domestic spy operation to Baker and Baker points out that it clearly vilates the Constittion. next thing you know, Baker has a new job, paying him $106,641 a year. Stu's new title?

The President's "Director of Lesson's Learned"...

No Freekin' Kidding!

So here we have it...The award winner for "Most NOT Doing his Job in Washington".

Or as the Carpetbagger notes, "The guy...with the most patently absurd title in Washington!"

Here's a quote from the guy:

"In the long term, privacy is doomed", the second International Security Solutions Europe Conference was told in Barcelona, Spain last week by U.S. lawyer Stuart Baker, of Washington law firm Steptoe and Johnson.

"When it's gone, I don't think we will notice", he said.

Now he has a government job?

You know, I try to be funny, but I can't top this stuff!



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