Thursday, July 20, 2006

The New Gropenator?

It is so hard to know what is going on in our country. Anybody who still thinks there's a liberal bias to the media can rest assured there's not. Had Bill Clinton tried to give a back rub to the German Chancellor, it would have been story number one for weeks. As it is, America learned about it from its comedians. You wanna know what your government is doing? Watch Jon Stewart. Forget about CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. And Fox News? Fair and balanced?

Fox new standards are something like "All praise to his majesty, the President." There's no word on the President of the United States of America getting drunk and making an ass of himself before the entire world...but didja know that...

World War Three is happening?

Dang straight! Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich said so.

Now enough of the small stuff, here's the one issue that scares me the most of all the current travesties and outrages being committed by George Bush. George Bush himself says that the Justice Department cannot investigate his domestic spy operation because it's too secret. The people at Justice, who handle all sorts of CIA spy investigations by the way, can't get security clearance high enough...Why?

"It's a secret" said the President as he posed with a pig.

Vice President Cheney gets drunk and shoots some guy and Vice President Cheney has this security clearance...

Anybody with a brain can figure out they're hiding someting they really don't want us to know...well ok, that's an exaggeration...Not much of a brain is necessary...Even the somatic cells in your average glob of slime mold are looking at each other and nodding knowingly..."Hiding something big!" the slime mold cells are saying to each other. "Don't have to have a brain to see that...or eyes either."

A senior Justice official said that the refusal to grant the clearances was "unprecedented" and questioned whether the clearances were denied because investigators might find "misconduct by those who were attempting to defeat" the probe from being conducted...

Misconduct? those who were attempting to DEFEAT the probe? And who might this "DEFEATER" be?

The liberal media is trying to keep you from finding out who this "Defeater" is by not telling you.

"Hey! Look over there! it's World War 3!...Oh my god!..But don't worry citizens...We'll fight it over there so you won't have to fight it over here. Things will be are getting sleepy...George Bush is Not the Defeater...George Bush is Not the Defeater!"


You know, there is a big difference in the way that danged liberal media treats George and the way they treated Bill Clinton...But there's another thing everybody with a brain knows, and those others too...

When George Bush gropes a woman, who may or may not be the head of a powerful foreign nation, we can see by the photographic evidence that she repulses his advances with a preventative maneuver she learned in rape prevention class.

Well done, Angela...

But what happens when Bill Clinton makes his move on a woman? ...She likes it.



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