Friday, July 28, 2006

I can't help myself...Too funny!

I try to be funny sometimes and about one out of twelve times I try, I am. Try as I do, I just can't keep up with the real life Republican comedy show.
Thanks to the help of the American corporate media, Sex scandals have stuck to democrats and not Republicans up until recently. Anybody who can still talk about the "Left wing media" after the news that a male prostitute posed as a fake reporter at presidential news conferences and spent between 100 and 200 nights in the Whitehouse is fooling themselves. Let me try to put this in perspective for you:

1. News about a consensual, though highly improper, relationship between heterosexual adults is plastered all over every op-ed page in America.

2. News about a gay prostitute turning tricks in the Whitehouse...La la la, I can't HEAR you...

Republican Yachts with prostitutes... Republican Poker games with prostitutes... Lobbyists now own entire streets in our Nation's capital, bought with carloads of cash and whores to Republicans...But what do we hear? That Bill Clinton has way too much of a heterosexual sex drive so he must be a latent homosexual? This clinical diagnosis, by the way, comes from foul mouthed, far right wing, Republican Ho, Ann Coulter.

While the FundXtians try to pretend that the only sex god allows is within marriage and only to produce babies, the political party they elected to power is headed by gays, run by gays, served by johns, and has abandoned every concept of basic human goodness espoused by the greatest Liberal of all time...

Jesus Christ.

But they still leave us laughing! Try this one from the great frozen state of Minnesota:

Norm Coleman is under investigation in the Abramoff scandal holding on to "Unindicted co-conspirator" status so far.

United States Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) has often said his DAd is one of his personal heroes...He had a little run in with the law and now he's one of MY personal heroes, Too!

"Police responded to a call early Tuesday evening and arrested Norman Bertram Coleman Sr. and the woman, Patrizia Marie Schrag of St. Paul, outside a pizza restaurant on the eastern edge of downtown St. Paul."

"The 81-year-old father of U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman [(R-MN)] was cited for lewd conduct and indecent exposure Tuesday for allegedly having sex in a vehicle with a 38-year-old woman, according to a police report."

Come on, People! Give a guy a break. An 81 year old guy scores with a 38 year old chick and somebody calls the police? I can hear the music...

"If the The Van is a Rockin'..Don't bother knockin'"

Mr. Coleman and a MS. Patriza Marie Schrag, of St. Paul, MN were arrested outside a Pizza restaurant.

Norm Coleman Sr. happens to be a decorated World War II veteran. As a matter of fact...He is a Veteran of...

The Battle of the Bulge!

America should be proud of it's veterans, Senator Norm! ...At least your Dad is only screwing his girlfrind!




  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    A reporter who had a few connections and got on the floor at press conferences to lob the Pres a few softballs = "turning tricks at the White House". How exactly does that work?

    And the larger story here is that someone was paid to lob softball questions, not that he's gay. Leave it to the left to hug homosexuals and other races when they need them, and then ridicule them when something like this happens. It's sick.

  2. You want me to explain how "Turning tricks" works? Dude, you gotta be kidding.

    But Gee, CH, How many conservatives does it take to miss the point?

    Jim Gannon wasn't a real reporter at all...He represented a fake news organization and was given special press credentials on 1000 separate occasions.... His real name isn't even Gannon, and frankly I don't think he was "lobbing softballs" on the hundreds of days he was therewhen there wasn't a press conference.

    It's "Guckert" and he spent a lot of time and maybe as many as 100 nights in the Whitehouse. He is a prostitute. (I've never ridculed gays or lesbians, or even prostitutes, as you imply, but I do often bash lying conservatives who make things up)

    The point is the "hypocrisy, stupid." Seems like Guckerts professional relationship with someone in the Whitehouse should be bigger news to a corporate press. The "larger issue", by far and the original point which you took such pains to miss, is the media bending over for this president and his administration.

  3. I see that the conservative trolls have come out of the woodwork for election season. Reminds me of someone's impassioned plea not long ago about Dubya: "Will someone PLEASE just give him a blowjob so we can try to impeach him???"

  4. Sorry, PW, Love ya but, ConHip was accusing ME and when you go after ME you better be right on. CH was so wrong and lying to boot. It was the old misdirection play so prevalent in conservative blather.

    Sort of like, "George said we have to invade Iraq to stop terrorism...There are no terrorists in the part of Iraq Saddam controls...I point this obvious fact out...Why do I hate America"

    Don't paint me with the DLC or the far left.

    If CH is gonna Lie.. Gotta do it at his/her(?) own blog. I'm not aware of my lefties getting down on gays. They do get down on republicans for gay bashing while being gay.