Monday, July 24, 2006

Leaflet it alone

I've been off doing nonprofit board work and haven't been as much of an irritant on the blog lately. We were in Charlotte, NC where they've built a new "cement pond"...This one has seven gigantic water pumps that crank out a flow equal to the Ocoee River. The engineering is incredible, as is the bureaucratic crap that is holding up the opening of this 37 million dollar whitewater toy. They can't certify it for occupancy because they haven't decided if it is a swimming pool...or a theme park or something. The interest on that is $1,000.00 an hour while the government officials do whatever it is that they do...or don't.

One thing they are doing is saving Marriage...

From our Stupidest quote of the day Department:

"Children who grow up in healthy, stable, married households don't wake up one day and decide they want to run away to Hollywood and become street prostitutes," said Wade Horn, the Bush administration's point man for welfare reform. "Couples in a healthy, stable married relationship don't come home one day and decide they want to abuse their children. This, in my view, is an exercise in limited government."

I can't say anything that would indicate the mindsplitting idiocy of that than it does all by itself.

The Bush government is spending our money promoting marriage...with leaflets.

The American Bar Association has what I consider to be the understated quote of the day"

"The President's constitutional duty is to enforce laws he has signed into being unless and until they are held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court or a subordinate tribunal," panel members wrote. "The Constitution is not what the President says it is."

Well, I'll be danged...Nixon said it was, why can't George?



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