Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Following proceedure?

The United States Supreme court just decided that your Fourth Amendment right to privacy and security in your own home doesn't count if the police decide to search your house. They don't have to knock, they don't have to tell you who they are, they just break down your door and rush inside wearing black and carrying weapons.

The Supreme Court must be having a lot of fun just thinking about all the fun that's about to happen. well the five right wingers anyway. Think about it...the cops don't have to knock...the Freepers are inside having just cleaned and reloaded their assault weapons...

As the Waco tragedy unfolded, I had a similar thought process. How stupid can a quasi military police force be? There they were, wearing black, climbing in the second floor window where the women and children were...That would be the women and children of crazy men...Damned well armed crazy men! Anyone who gave it a moment's thougt could tell you that a bunch of people wearing black were gonna get shot, and that's what happened. My question is..."Who's fault is that?"

In 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia, An 18 year old student was sitting on the floor with two college mates doing homework and watching tv at their rooming house. The area of town was known as Piedmont and was next to 14th Street, the Hippie, LSD, and pot center of the Southern universe at the time. They were students at Ga Tech and had open containers of Coca Cola right there next to the books. A knock on the door was immediately followed by the door flying open and a swarm of Atlanta policemen crashing in with shotguns.

"Scared shitless" is a term I have come to appreciate. It is very desciptive. The police were not nice to us. Mark, the landlord, was pushed up against the wall face first when he asked to see the search warrant. The police said nasty things. Mark screamed at them over and over until a piece of paper was held up and shoved in his face. Eventually, he was able to position himself where he could read the piece of paper. It was a search warrant, duly signed and executed by an Atlanta judge...for the house next door.

Thirty Six years later I'm still pissed off, but I'm alive.

Picture the same scenario, you know damned well it will happen, only with bigger and better weaponry on both break into a house and the owner starts shooting, to protect his home as he has a right to do... and they start shooting because they're cops with a warrant, and all sorts of scenarios play out...none good. The situation is crazy.

Our Constitution was set up to protect the people from situations like this but it cannot enforce itself. America needs sane people to come to its aide.

"Oops, sorry!" won't get it when people die. The stupidity of the right wing majority on the United States Supreme Court has set us up to live, now, in an insane America.

Courage, folks...Because "We, the People" have much work to do. We've let a great nation get taken over by crazy people. Can we fix it?



  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    What is your suggestion to 'fixin' the actions of our Supreme Court Judges, who sanction the law enforcement officers privilege of "breaking & entering"? That's the correct terminology !!!

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I've been asking for at least a year now how we go about dissolving our government. The Constitution says we can do it. How do we?

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Things will continuously get worse and it won't stop until violent force is enforces upon the embryotic totalitarianism being slowly inflicted upon this country.
    ***People will die from this moronic legislation, but as long as we have our SECOND AMENDMENT, I personally feel safe and see a hopeful future.
    When "they" try to take our guns away, you will all have to choose to fight or be enslaved. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

    As far as a cure for this political madness, I think we can pacify it with legalities, but something radical will have to be done to completely eradicate this malignant governing body of today. The Consitution has already been shredded in our faces in my opinion (Endless "Anti-Terror" Acts, etc.)
    For now though, keep your guns loaded and by the door, don't hesitate to shoot anyone that breaks in, and maybe potential cops will join in as well. Keep pushing the limits on what we talk about! Get radical!!!