Friday, June 02, 2006

Junior on the Rocks

I was taking pictures of a local candidate as he talked with people and put up his signs when we were surrounded by a pair of Kildeer...Killdeers? We were obviously very close to their nest. They usually just nest right on the ground out in the open and regularly pick out gravel parking lots as they have in this case. I told Tyler to be very careful and search the ground before he put is foot down as we searched for the nest, which turned out to be two feet from where he was pounding his sign post into the ground.

We put three rocks spaced out around the nest to mark it and when we left, mom was setting proudly. We'll check on progress and keep you posted. Here's a picture of Junior:

Bigger Junior

Bigger Junior's Mom

I'll try to check on things from time to time.

Good luck, Junior. It's tough out here.




  1. Anonymous10:10 AM


    About two weeks ago I pulled into the weigel's on Cedar Bluff by Middlebrooke Pike. As I parked I noticed a mama Killdeer faking a broken wing and knew somethng was up. I looked around for minute and finally locted her chick under a parked truck. I tried to shoo the baby towards the vacant lot behind the store, but it kept heading toward the road. finally I picked up the baby and placed it in behind the store. The baby looked like a fuzz ball on two toothpick's. Very Cute! When I came out of the store I checked on the baby and watched as mama hearded it into the tall grass behind the store.

    Later I wondered how many folks saw mama bird but had know idea what was going on or if anyone else even saw the baby bird.


  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    This mama was faking a broken wing too when I first came upon her. --Tyler