Saturday, November 17, 2007

Al Gore will be in the White House

So that's not my prediction..It's for a ceremony in the Oval Office recognizing America's Nobel Prize recipients.

I wish it were to be at a huge ceremony open to the public. Al Gore deserves great accolades and should be revered by this country. Regardless of his failure to defeat George W. Bush and his evil minions for the Presidency, our world is a better place because of Al Gore.

And I'm thinking about something that this brings to mind...When Democrats leave high office, it seems like they spend a great deal of their time and resources "helping" as Gore's Live Earth, Inconvenient Truth, Current TV (which you should watch if you don't already), and other tireless efforts demonstrate. Gore has even made good honorable money in the process, of which I am a huge fan.

Then there's Jimmy Carter's work with the Carter Center and Habitat for Humanity. His travels all over the world have done far more to promote fair elections than anything we have seen from a Republican.

I mean...Republicans spend their time...uh...what do they spend their time doing?

George H. W. Bush formed the Carlyle Group, an oil and war material corporation, and now owns northern Paraguay.

Dan Quayle...Remember Dan Quayle?...Qualye has made the big bucks as a financial operative.

But they've also done a lot of good for the world, right?...Ok, help me here...somebody...I mean aside from instigating a few wars, profiting massively, driving up the cost of oil by 300%, and causing the deaths of tens of millions, I'm sure there are some good things...Aren't there?

Well, anyway, how do you think Al will feel walking into the Oval Office to be congratulated by George?


And here's another interesting news item:

T. Boone Pickens stood up at a gala and gave a speech defending his support of the Swift Boat Veterans, offering John Kerry one Million Dollars if he could disprove one single claim of the Swift Boat Ads. That should be interesting, since essentially ALL of the Swift Boat claims have been debunked.

Kerry has offered to take Pickens to visit the Veterans organization he will donate the money to, and has challenged T. Boone's honor if he doesn't live up to his wager.

Kerry should know better than to think a man who supports the Swift Boaters HAS honor.

This could be fun!



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  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Oh, the Repigs have done so many kind and wonderful things. They helped those poor, misunderstood Augustus Pinochet death-squad members nice, comfy jobs at Blackwater.

    They burned Iraq to save it. And created all those unjustifiably dead Iraqi martyrs in who's names generations of new terrorists to come can feel justified as they body-bomb innocent people.

    They made sure No Child's Behind was left to burden the school systems. And poor Neil made lots of money doing it.

    They made sure those pesky little poor and middle-class kids don't get in the way of the wealthy 5%'s health care.

    Let's see...what else....

    Oh, yeah. They made sure we were safe from impending Islamic doom by slicing and dicing that annoying "piece of paper" called the Constitution so that the "terrerists" won't have privacy rights they never had to begin with.

    We now have permission to call fries "French" again.

    Can you feel the love?

    Will John Kerry learn to fight back?! Will the Swift Boat Cowards for Lies prevail over the Blackwater mercenaries in Japanese Tag-Team Male Mud Wrestling?!!
    Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story!!!