Friday, February 08, 2008

American Disease

I keep seeing conservative "spokesmen" on TV, like Ann Coulter, spout absolutely inane lies with a straight face and stern voice. I wondered where this virulent infection came from.

Coulter was pouring our her usual invective against the less than pure "conservatism" (which I think means "Not absolutely insane") of John McCain, saying she would rather have Hillary as President because "Hillary hasn't condemned the Swift Boat Veterans." Absolutely false.

Coulter has been caught repeatedly lying and yet continues to be given air time on network TV. Show me a "liberal" spokesperson with a similar record who still gets air time? Yeah, I know..."Show me a Liberal spokesperson who gets airtime"...Liberals in general tend to have good records for truth and factual accuracy, though we have our exceptions. Ann Coulter is a walking talking Swift Boat ad in a short skirt and deserves condemnation all by herself. She is prima fascia evidence for the inherent immorality of Conservatism, not for her blatant sexual promiscuity, but for her intentional fabrications designed to pervert the American Democratic process. Her biggest problem is that, disingenuous as John McCain is, even John McCain recognizes the inherent immorality of "True" Conservatism.

So wondering where this American Disease came from, I did what I usually do in cases like this...I Googled!

So it turns out that the KKK was instrumental in forming the bedrock core of "Movement Conservatism" of which Ronnie Reagan was only a precursor leading to the ascendancy of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Their goal was the editing of the New Testament and the Ten Commandments, and the installation of an aristocratic government consisting of themselves, rather than democratically elected officials.

Forget that Jesus defined the essence of Liberalism. Forget that one of the commandments was "Thy shalt not bear false witness against your fellow man." The basic corruption of protestant religion into a corrupt form of authoritarianism known as "Fundamentalism" was to become inherent in Conservatism. In Knoxville, TN in the 1920's, over 71% of applications to become Klan members were Baptists. Another 24% were, my own religious heritage, Methodists. This is an astounding fact, given that this was in an area of the South that did not support the Confederacy. Racism was merely one tool in the arsenal of hatred. In addition to Blacks, Conservatives targeted Jews, Catholics, and Mexicans.

Isn't it amusing to now see Jews Bill Krystal, Paul Wolfiwitz, and Paul Bremer at the head of the ultra Movement Conservative organization, the Project for the New American Century, primarily responsible for the Iraq war and the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America?

Isn't it amusing to see an avowed atheist, Karl Rove, installed as the Machiavellian guru of this movement, which thumps the Old Testament at every opportunity?

Isn't it amusing to see Catholics of every stripe voting in the majority for the very movement which sought their extermination from the American continent in years past?

And isn't it amusing to see Movement Conservatives, who have rabidly condemned immorality in the form of divorce, music, dance halls, pimps, prostitutes, (Homosexuality is actually a new addition to things to be hated....Hmmmm??) women working outside the home, birth control, abortion, gambling, high heels, and short skirts, hanging on Ann Coulter's every word?



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  1. isn't it amusing to see the word amusing plugged in where sick, nausiating, disgusting, disturbing and mind boggeling could be plugged in with more precise accuracy of emotion. great stuff steve. thanks