Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Proudly Lowering the Level of Discourse

The nice smilng man in the suit is Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen. He won his second term by a landslide, in part by winning a huge number of Republican votes. The guy in the red shirt holding a derogatory sign BEHIND the governor's back is a Republican state representative. His name is Stacy Campfield.

The Republican party thought the picture on the left was funny. They think the picture on the right is a liberal plot, they are "outraged" and demand an apology for fanning the flames of racisim by the Memphis newspaper that printed the doctored photo.

I don't get it...
Bredesen is certainly not a tax and spend anything, and Stacey's act of Free Speech was certainly rude but well tolerated and frankly laughed at by Democrats.
Republicans are now Outraged?...By a similar act of Free Speech that can be very well backed up by accounts of Stacey's histrionics and juvenile behavior. The picture was taken at a barbecue for Republican Congressman Jimmy Duncan. They had the good sense to kick Stacey out.
Rather than being outraged, perhaps the Tennessee Republican Party might want to follow that example, rather than lowering their level of discourse to Stacey's level.
Tennessee is not served by cheap hamfisted propaganda.

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