Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Funnies

John McCain has taken out a loan on his life insurance policy to fund his campaign. Reports have the loan at over 3 Million dollars and rising. He's got a 3 Million dollar life insurance policy? Those aren't secret service guys guarding him...They're probably from Etna.

Mitt Romney loaned his campaign $35 Million. Looks like he'll have to cancel one of his vacations this year.

John Edwards has asked that his name remain on the New Hampshire Primary ballot. What'sup with that?...
All I've got to say about that is, "Don't Tease me, Bro!"

Ann Coulter says that if McCain gets the nomination, she will campaign for Hillary. Ok, that's weird.

A Mississippi State Congressman want's to outlaw fat people from being served in restaurants. Yeah, I did say Missisippi.

The Surge is working, suicide rates among American Troops is at record levels. has endorsed Obama. This was decided by a vote of membership. has 3.5 million members.

In an interesting move, Vermont has brought up the issue of the National Guard. Authority for President Bush to take over the Guard exists only in a National Emergency, in this case the Iraqi threat of WMD's. That threat never existed so the President's authorization has certainly expired.

"As America looks desperately ahead to the next administration, the current one, apparently, has not left yet. For instance, last week Congress passed the National Defense Authorization bill for 2008, which controls the funding for our national defense, including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, who knows, maybe a few surprise countries. ... Anyway, this is Congress' right, they're allowed to collect taxes, run the post office, get their own gym, and, you know, they get to raise and support armies. It's in the Constitution -- the funding and stuff. Well, funny story, the president added four, I guess you call them re-interpretations to the bill Congress passed. I believe they're called signing statements. For instance, the passed and signed law says you can't use taxpayer money to build permanent military bases in Iraq, and the president is saying, 'Uh, yeah, no, I think I can.' And the law they passed strengthens protections for whistleblowers. Which, I guess the president is saying he can un-blow. And the president rejected a couple of other provisions concerning Congress' ability to get intelligence assessments or investigate waste mismanagement and the reason that he gave was, uh, let me see if I can find -- He gave no reason" --Jon Stewart

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  1. Steve,

    I'm not aware of your MoveOn status but when members received an e-mail asking them to vote, the only choice on the ballot was to endorse either Clinton or Obama (to the best of my recollection Edwards beat them handily in an earlier poll). Given that none of the above (please, don't endorse either of these candidates on our behalf) was not an option, the endorsement may be a tad misleading.

    I find it interesting that while Clinton stood up and voted against the measure to condemn MoveOn (for that Petraeus ad), Obama ... failed to vote on it at all, yet the members "endorsed" him.