Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clinton V Obama?

I've already cast my vote in TN's Presidential primary. My first choice pulled out the day before I early voted, so I was disappointed but I had no problem pulling the trigger for my second pick.

I'm one of those rare voters who thinks about what will happen if this candidate or that candidate gets elected. I look at what has gone wrong recently and who supported or opposed all the bad things that have happened to my country. No candidate is perfect but I can easily point to the A and B grades of the two Dems who are left.

Here's a quick and incomplete rundown on the way I see it.

The Constitution: Neither Clinton nor Obama have done a good job protecting the highest law of the land, but Hillary went along with some of the worst abuses. D minus for Obama...F for Hillary. She failed to stop the worst Supreme Court nominations ever...or really even out up much of a fight.

The Iraq War: Not only did Hillary "not make a mistake in voting to give the President War powers" she still doesn't own up to it. Barak opposed it from the start, but has not done enough to gather the opposition. B for Obama...D minus for Clinton.

The Economy: F's all around! Where's the passion and fight? Where are the filibusters? Where are the Impeachments?

Recognizing the threat a consolidated Media poses to Constitutional Government: This is the number one problem with America. Putting the Chairman of the Republican Party at the head of his own TV network, funded by Rupert Murdoch, who now owns the Satellite TV providers, where you'll notice that BBC and CBC News are no longer available, and then allowing him to hold a fund raiser in your honor...Tells me that Hillary Clinton hasn't the vision or gumption to do what has to be done. Obama ain't perfect unless you grade on the curve and then there's no letter high enough to show the difference. No letter, just a big fat double Zero for Clinton...B+ for Obama.

Experience and leadership:

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has been a Senator for one term longer than Obama, but what else has she done? She was president of the Young Republicans in College, a title she shares with Karl Rove. Hillary was the first Student to deliver the commencement address at graduation for which she received a seven minute standing ovation. She was a Goldwater girl. That would be Barry Goldwater, Republican candidate for President. She had a change of heart and worked in the Democratic presidential campaign of Eugene McCarthy. After receiving her J.D. of Law, She was a very successful lawyer, reaching the top 100 most influential list. She served on the Board of Directors of Walmart. Her financial investments became controversial even though they performed about as well as George Bush's businesses, and... Her Senate voting record is about 80% progressive. She has raised a beautiful daughter and maintained her marriage to a really loveable small accomplishment.

Barry Hussein Obama has been a Senator for less than one term. He had a middle class upbringing, and lived abroad from ages 6 to 10. He speaks Indonesian. Obama played varsity basketball in highschool. He attended Columbia University for his B.A. and received his Doctoral in Law at Harvard. Obama became President of the Harvard Law Review, the first black person to hold that position in it's 104 year history. He was a lecturer of Constitutional Law at Columbia University. Obama served in the Illinois State legislature and won his Senate seat with 70% of the vote. He has a strong record of progressive legislation both in his State and in the US senate. His voting record is over 90% progressive.

I encourage you to read the Wikipedia entries for both people. They are very impressive Americans, both worthy of the office they seek. I give them a tie on experience.

On Leadership it's Obama, by several lengths. America will follow this man and his personal history indicates that it will be in a direction that we need to go. He's also reported to be a very good poker player.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I agree with your analysis. I also want to add that if Clinton were to get elected and then re-elected, that would be 28 consecutive years that either a Bush or a Clinton was in office. Do we really want just two families to dominate American politics for nearly three decades?

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Good assessment, Steve. Far more fair to Hillary than I would be inclined to be.

    They've both done good and bad. Hillary's bad is much, much worse.

    And "Anonymous" is in touch with, arguably, the single most important aspect of the coming election. Oligarchy is bad for America's future.
    This Two-Family system we've had for decades now sets a dangerous precedent by stating to the generations who were brought up during this period that other Americans being President is "risky".
    It also allows the same corporations to buy the same two families over and over again.
    Gotta break that cycle.

    Congrats, Anonymous. You've earned yourself a nick, please pick one.
    It's getting harder and harder to identify the smarter people in this party.

  3. I think it's a wash with either of them but I find it interesting that you're drawing a distinction between the two with regard to the SCOTUS confirmations. Both voted against confirmation but both did not support any proposed filibuster. On other ludicrous confirmations, both supported Rice for SOS after her abysmal performance and demonstrated incompetence as NSA director. Furthermore Obama commented at the time that the President should be able to select the people he wants - I guess he doesn't think the confirmation process is really a necessity.

    I won't cast a vote for either of them but in an all around comparison I think he falls short of even Hillary.

  4. I think much of their policies are similar but I so do not want the Bush-Bush(vp)-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush shuffle to continue to a large degree.
    We don't have royalty in this country but sometimes if feels like we do when it come to politics.
    I voted for Obama as well for many of the same reasons you listed and was also leaning toward Edwards. I hope, as it has been indicated on some of the nation's progressive blogs, that Edwards doesn't endorse Clinton but he might.

  5. Anonymous3:27 PM


    I wrote Edwards asking him if hes was insane.

    He will make himself look like the hypocrite of the planet if he does endorse her after pointing out in the past that she represents so many things he stands against.
    War, corporatism, scandalous ways...

    I've tried to make heads or tails of it and the only answer is that he must be pulling for VP and if so, he'll obviously endorse whoever makes deal with him.

    If he endorses her without such a deal, I will lose a great deal of respect for the man.
    Returning a Clinton to the White House will polarize this party and the nation even more than they are now.