Sunday, February 10, 2008


Why does the New York Times place Olivia Judson's science essay's in the Opinion section?

They deal with Evolution and the Science surrounding it.

With at least one serious Republican Presidential candidate saying he doesn't accept evolution, I think it's fairly important that students get exposed to the science involved. Science is NOT opinion. It is a method of weeding through opinion in the search for verifiable, reproducible, peer reviewed, fact.

This is a wonderful essay, but don't miss the comments. Intelligent discourse is a beautiful use of word.

As for the GOP candidate who doesn't accept science, I watched him on Meet the Press today. I came away thinking that he is like many other Baptist Preachers I've known, in that he is willing to parse words and essentially say whatever it takes to get you passing the collection plate. A few quotes are in order from the "true conservative" in this race:

"You cannot infringe on a person's fundamental right to have clean air."

"A person has a fundamental right to do damage to themselves but not a fundamental right to do damage to others."

Very reasonable statements until you try to square them with his villianization of the EPA and rabid opposition to legalizing marijuana.

Preacher Huckabee is a fraud.



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