Saturday, March 22, 2008

Better Than That

The Richardson endorsement of Barrack Hussein Obama is telling in many ways.

Bill Richardson was President Bill Clinton's Energy Secretary. In the eyes of the Clintons that means Richardson is supposed to owe fealty for having been elevated to the national political arena. Even when Richardson was running for president himself, it appeared that he was merely running to be Hillary's Veep and not a serious challenge to her inevitable nomination, but then something happened...Obama got out in front and has stayed out front and unless somebody breaks the rules Obama will be the Democratic Nominee for President.

The Clintons have fought dirty, with allusions to Obama being a Muslim, with outright lies about his position on Nafta and contact with Canadian officials...And by playing the race card, the minister card, the experience card, all in a destructive strategy they call "The Kitchen Sink" proving that they are willing to tear apart the Democratic party if it means winning.

So now Governor Bill Richardson takes a hard look and turns away from the Clintons. James Carville, a political operative so stupid he can't even convince his own wife to vote Democratic, calls Richardson a Judas, mentions 30 pieces of silver and attempts to divert attention away from Richardson's message of simultaneously praising Obama and stealthily implying that it is time for Hillary to withdraw from the race for the good of her party.

From the NY Times:

...potentially more troublesome for Mrs. Clinton was what Mr. Richardson said in announcing his decision. He criticized the tenor of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. He praised Mr. Obama for the speech he gave in response to the furor over racially incendiary remarks delivered by Mr. Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah
A. Wright Jr.

And he came close to doing what Mrs. Clinton’s advisers have increasingly feared some big-name Democrat would do as the battle for the nomination drags on...

Urge Mrs. Clinton to step aside in the interest of party unity.

It is time for Hillary Clinton to look at what is happening in America and realize that she must do her part. The end does not justify the means if our country has to be torn apart in order for a group of cynical political operatives to seize control for their side...We must be better than that.

This is now an historic moment in American history. This is Hillary's chance...

To be better than that.

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  1. She has the opportunity to exit with some respect left intact. Maybe not from me, but from most Democrats to be sure.

    We have both pointed it out before, the longer she remains in the race the more harm is done to the party's chances in November and also to her persona.

    Lame, fish-faced hacks like James Carville and the rest of the DLC goons have ruined what little chance she ever had with their RNC tactics.
    She should return to the Senate, think about some of those votes of hers, do some soul searching, and return in 2012 with some people of integrity behind her and a divorce certificate in her hand.

    At that time even I will reassess my view of her.

    The right thing to do is drop out now. Right now.