Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She Coulda been a Contender

What do the President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, the President of the Interdenominational Theological Seminary, the President of the National Baptist Convention of America , several Rabbis and other diverse religious leaders from all over America have in common?

They all condemn Hillary Clinton's actions with regard to Barack Obama's minister and trying to use this in such a divisive way for personal political gain.

An excerpt from the open letter to Hillary Clinton:

"There are those among us who support Rev. Wright and believe his comments were deeply misconstrued. There are others among us who reject his words outright, even in context. But across these lines, we stand together, White and Black, Protestant and Catholic, Christian and Jew. No candidate should use religion as a tool to divide the American people, as you have done today. "

The Letter

I personally become more disenchanted with Hillary Clinton as each day goes by and she commits grievous transgressions like this one. She has never done things like this before and I can only assume she is taking direction from a campaign advisor with absolutely no conscience or feeling for this nation.

Hillary is making a deal with the devil. She cannot win. She can only destroy.

There are now calls for her withdrawal from the race for the Democratic nomination, particularly as her credibility is increasingly called into question by her petty political gaffes.

It is past time for Hillary to bow out. The longer her campaign continues, the more destructive to Progressive values she seems to become.

This is a sad thing for me. I believed in Hillary Clinton as a good person and now I don't.


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  1. You tried. No one can say you didn't.
    Lots of people have tried to cling to the Clinton Image out of respect for fellow Dems if nothing else.

    Now, as we look down the TN blogwire we see that many are still very much in denial. Clinical denial in some cases.
    But it's my belief that most Democrats, not unlike yourself, will see things as they really are.

    For one to ignore the profound character flaws Hillary has displayed is to exhibit some serious psychological malaise.
    Her "misspeak", her voting record, her lack of even minimal surface knowledge of MTR. Associations such as Penn, Carville, Bush, Lieberman, Citigroup, Goldman-Sacs etc...

    Those who appreciate intellect, graceful demeanor and personal respectability will make the right decision. Those who put their single issue world view before the good of the whole will make the wrong one.

    I trust there is more of the former than the latter in our party.