Sunday, March 30, 2008

Views of Texas

From a Delegate: credentials were challenged. Along with the credentials of a large swath of the elected delegates. After six or so extremely hot, crowded, confusing hours, many of us were unable to determine why, exactly, our credentials had been challenged. The Clinton camp had announced that they were targeting the 23rd district for credentials challenges and, by god, that's what they did.

By the end, the Clinton folks were willing -- hell, eager -- to throw out not just random individuals but the entire delegation of 2 precincts. (So much for voter enfranchisement, eh, Hills?)

The protest process was tailor-made for alienating committed voters, wearing them out to the point where they would drop out. By the end of the night, the convention floor was abuzz with tired, pissed-off voters who now hate Hillary with the fire of a thousand suns.

And this:

"Despite the Clinton campaign's widespread attempts to prevent many Texans from participating in their district convention, the voters of Texas confirmed Senator Obama's important delegate win in the Lone Star State," said Obama spokesman Josh Earnest. "Today's record-shattering turnout sends a clear message that the American people are ready for change in Washington and new leadership
in the White House that will stand up for working families."

Now...some folks are complaining that I'm picking on Hillary too much. Possibly so, but no one has challenged any fact I've presented here. Hillary was my second choice, after Edwards, when all this started and she has earned my disloyalty primarily with scorched earth campaign tactics. But, just to lay off Hillary for a bit, here's this quote from J.J. MCain explaining all that is wrong with his qualities and their suitability for the Presidency:

“I feared that if I answered honestly I could not win the South Carolina primary, so I chose to compromise my principles.”

McCain may be the biggest flip flopper in the history of presidential campaigns, with daily reminders that he'll say anything he feels helps his cause, true or not...Well, that is, if he can remember what it is that he's supposed to say without Joe Lieberman whispering in his ear.
So now, my view of the world in the misty morning rain over Whites Creek gorge, I come to the conclusion that I dislike John McCain and Hillary for the same reasons, best observed in the words of Mr. McCain himself...

"I chose to compromise my principles.”

America wants an honest President for a change...One who will respect them, fight for the Constitution they cherish and that makes this country possible.

We want a President who is, above all, fair and plays by the rules.

Obama wins Texas in spite of Clinton's lawyers. Bill Clinton said it himself, "Hillary needs Texas and Ohio in order to win."



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