Saturday, March 08, 2008

You Betcha

It was 9 degrees when we got back from supper last night. As we left town there were folks riding their bicycles in traffic with some really cool flashing lights that let them show up and be noticed without being garish or annoying.

This morning my beard frosted up on my walk and I felt that kind of "out of towner" discomfort as I was watching my step on the ice covered sidewalk and two women jogged by me with cheerfull "Hi's". I'm worried about stumbling around, slipping and busting my rear end among other things and these people are running?

I think they've already started drinking out on the lakes in those little outhouse looking things. How bad can a person really want to fish?

The highschool basketball tournament is taking up one of the cable channels and is shown on every tv I've seen in the local bars except when hockey is on. A friendly guy was explaining it to me, "High school sports are pretty big around here, but we schedule the games around Ice Hockey, so it don't interfere, don't cha know."

As he was saying this to me, one hockey player was pounding another hockey player into the ice with his fists.



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