Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like I said, It's Over!

If you didn't see "The Speech" go read a transcript. Obama wrote it himself and stayed up past 2 a.m. last night...He looked tired and started off that way. But as he continued, rarely looking at his notes, something happened. He got stronger and hit his stride. He wasn't reading a speech some team of political hacks ran by a focus group...he was telling us about himself, his own personal life and how he came to accept who he was and by that grace, who and what America could and should be.

CNN found controversial Black wingnut talk radio host, Larry Elder, as one of their "analysts" covering Barack's speech. For the first time in my memory, Wolf Blitzer seemed to take Obama's side as Elder's venom overflowed, making one question whether Elder even saw Obama's speech. The other side was presented by a white Pastor, who seemed clearly moved by Obama's words today.

The reaction to the speech seemed to be, "He's done it!"

Obama took the worst that could be thrown at him and used it to address his views of race in America, how it divides us, and the opportunity we have before us to do something about it in a big way. Obama will be the next President of the United States of America.

He not only has defanged this dragon that haunts our country, but he did it with honesty, openness, and humility. Obama proved he can take a punch and deflect it, not with anger, or machismo, or political spin, but with honest, caring, love, for all people.

Hillary gave a speech, too, but she seemed even more tired than Obama and never hit her stride. There is a reason, I believe, and that reason is that her closest advisors may be telling her what her campaign has been refusing to admit...She has lost the nomination.

There will be no re-do in Florida andthe DNC is highly unlikely to break their own rules, which Clinton herself agreed to, and seat the Florida delegates. The same is probably true for Michigan. What that means is that Florida and Michigan are now counted as a tie. Since Obama leads in popular vote and delegates, and by a reasonable margin, The Democratic Convention will not usurp the people's will.

Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President.



Others agree with my assessment.


  1. Imagine if Bill and Hillary Clinton brought their daughter to the church of a white racist spewing hate for 20+ years, got married by him, gave him money year after year, had him baptize little Chelsea, and then put him on Hillary’s campaign.

    Imagine the audacity of racism.

  2. Good point, Christian.

    As a matter of fact...

    Sorry for linking my own blog, Steve.

    It saved a lot of work and I'm tired. :)