Monday, March 03, 2008

Bob Tuke for Senate

...Our economy is in trouble, our schools are struggling to excel, our
health care system leaves millions uncovered, and there are parts of Tennessee
where the good paying jobs of the future are just a mirage. And in too many
places, the cold wind of hunger and poverty whistle through open doors of

Perhaps most critically, we find ourselves in two wars, with enemies
lying in wait at home and abroad. Veterans return from war to heal their bodies
and their minds only to find a broken system that leaves them without

...I am not so much offering myself as a candidate as I again am
answering a call to service...

Bob Tuke

I've had the pleasure of meeting Bob Tuke on several occaissions and I find him understanding of the problems created by the Conservative philosophy...

Saying all the right things, while doing nothing of the sort. ..

Feigning patriotism while destroying America's Military with senseless war for all the wrong reasons...Pretending to care about America's Troops, while cutting veteran's benefits and failing to provide even a minimum standard of care for our wounded...

Wearing their Chinese manufactured American flag lapel pin while simultaneously questioning the patriotism of others, and foreclosing on the homes of the women and children left behind while America's fighting forces...Good Men and Women... face the ultimate danger in foreign countries, and American factories close and send good honest workers to the unemployment line while their jobs get sent overseas in order to enrich multinational corporations whose lobbyists wine and dine our current Senators.

I have but one thing to say...


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  1. That's outstanding news!

    Bob Tuke may actually, genuinely, be able to beat Lamar! And may be the only one at that.

    This is good. :)