Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Straight Talk

Well ,the Media, and I use that term loosely these days, seems to have seized on Hillary's mis-rememberance of her landing under not-sniper fire in Bosnia.

She was obviously doing the memory-creep brain dance to buff her war cred but then the video popped up and blew up her story. I want nothing so much as an honest candidate running for President and these little lies adding up have not turned me away from Hillary so much as the big wrong decisions she made that looked for all the world like pure political strategy instead of what is right for our Country...Her vote for the Bush War is only one case in point, but it would be enough all by itself. There are many many others, but this is not an anti-Hillary screed, actually...

I come, not to dis-praise Hillary, but to bury John McCain.

The disconnect between John McCain's public image and his real self is legendary and admired by nearly all political junkies. McCain has managed to commit the most egregious sins while continuing to wear white of any mainstream politician in America.

Politics is a curious thing to me. It seems to require the capacity to blithely commit murder while keeping a straight face and passionately accusing your opponent of going to the wrong church.

There is a serious problem for both Clinton and McCain in this election cycle...They are both up against an honest person. This requires that both of them loudly seize on some trivial inconsistency and accuse Obama of being a liar, and this has turned out to be extremely difficult. They tried to quote William Krystal's opinion piece in the NY Times which claimed Obama lied about not being in the Church the day his pastor "God Damned America" which actually the pastor didn't say in the first place, and Obama was somewhere else just as he stated. Krystal lied, Obama didn't.

Why should McCain keep accusing his opponents of lying? Well, Duh...McCain is either a serial liar, suffering from early Alzheimer's disease, or both, but the Media keep covering for him. In a just world, McCain and his cynical "Straight Talk Express" would have long ago been condemned to ridicule. McCain is skewered by his own big mouth:

"I believe that Saddam Hussein presents clear and present danger to the United States of America.” [CNN Late Edition, 3/3/02]
“I never said — I never said that it was a, quote, clear and present danger because of weapons of mass destruction.” [Hardball, 9/17/03]

(How do you feel about Rumsfeld’s strategy?)

“And so from everything I can tell, that seems to be a very good strategy.”
[Meet the Press, 9/22/02]
“The point is my friends, that when Rumsfeld strategy was failing I’m the only one that stood up and said that it’s a failed strategy and we have to adopt a new strategy.”[McCain Tracking Footage, (Fort Myers, FL), 1/26/08]

Straight Talk Express?

John McCain is a deeply flawed person. He has no business being considered for the office of the Presidency, having neither the temper nor capacity to serve this nation. He cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

This is readily apparent to even the most casual observer. Why isn't it obvious to what passes for the Mainstream media?


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