Monday, March 10, 2008

HIT = Hillary In Trouble

I'm back from Wisconsin. It's nice to be walking around without heavy clothes and to be able to feel the sun again. My fingers have thawed out so here's your dose of daily outrage for the morning.

A campaign finance staffer for Hillary Clinton has left the Clinton campaign, and, after very little soul searching, pledged her support for Obama. She did this after discovering unauthorized charges to her credit card by the Clinton Campaign that put her way over the campaign finance law limit.

When this was pointed out to others in the campaign and the staffer asked for her money back, they refused:

...I discovered more than $3, 000 in unauthorized charges from HRC
campaign on my own VISA card! And that set off a wave of overdrafts and $400 in
bank charges that I was stuck with. And the compliance officer Allison Wright at
Hillary VA headquarters refused to reimburse me for the charges. And the senior
finance reps who I notified about more than $3, 000 in Unauthorized Visa
Charges: never once apologized or empathized with my plight...Much less send me
a "sorry for all the trouble" note and a check!

This may well explain why Hillary's campaign is attacking Obama on already debunked charges. It is the Rove playbook! If you yourself are waist deep in corruption, the first thing you do is accuse your squeaky clean opponent of the very crimes you yourself are guilty of.

Now let me ask you this...Hillary had a good week, right? So did you ever realize that Obama actually will win the delegate count in Texas and even without that increased his lead over Hillary?

Here's a fact check on some other Clinton charges.

It's going to take some diligence to keep cleaning up all the mud Hillary is slinging.



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  1. :)

    Ya know, I have been anti-Clinton since half way through Bill's second term (and suffered much derision from fellow Libs as a result). That's when the first outrage began to set in. When the lies became visible with time.
    I never thought I could think any less of them than I have in the past.
    Recently, this revelation in particular, the Clintons have outdone themselves yet again when it comes to pure, unadulterated shamelessness.

    This is why she's losing and will continue to lose, we're already hip to this Karl Rove shit. It won't work again.

    She hurts the Democratic Party with every day she remains in the race.