Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There's No Doubt

Eliot Spitzer screwed up.

But frankly he didn't do anything a hundred Republican elected officials haven't done, including Senator Vitter, who still sits proudly in the US Senate and received a standing ovation from his colleagues when he returned to that august body after it was learned that he had frequented prostitutes in several states and the District of Columbia.

There is something very strange about the investigation and the purported reason for it, as this former Justice Department Lawyer points out.

After reading what I can find on the investigation, I have to do something I rarely do...Agree with James Carville, who yesterday evening on CNN said, "I smell a rat!"

There are several things that don't add up, and by that I don't mean to imply that Elliot Spitzer is NOT a whoremonger and a hypocrite. This was a high level investigation that had Spitzer's name leaked to the press in violation of any number of laws. As soon as it broke, the GOP was ready to start the flow of emails demanding any Democratic candidate who had ever been supported by Spitzer return his donation.

Spitzer is a Clinton supporter, btw, who will be replaced by the Lt. Governor of New York State, who happens to be black...And Blind!

So I watch Dr. Laura on TV try to make the case that the reason men cheat on their wives is that wives don't get kinky enough to keep their men at home (I swear!) and another psychologist claim that men are simply programmed to fool around, which may be absolutely true but they are mostly fooling around with women (so there).

All this theater is simply distraction. As a thoughtful American, I have to keep coming back to wondering what has happened to my America? The resources of the Federal Justice Department will focus on a monetary transaction between consenting adults, while at the same time, refuse to enforce Congressional subpoenas into malfeasance within the Justice Department itself.

And most of all...I have to wonder why the entire Bush Administration is spending such a massive amount of effort to suppress investigations into it's illegal wiretapping of American Citizens and specifically, did the Spitzer revelations come about through that illegal and unconstitutional activity?

Spitzer has given the evil entity within the GOP, a once proud and patriotic party, exactly the sordid and prurient shiny object that they need to divert America's attention from their systematic destruction of our country.




  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    My young son, an budding illustrator, notices that Spitzer has really large ears. He hasn't trusted folks with big ears since he saw that Bush's ears are large and "pointy." Who'd a thunk?

  2. Smart kid. :D

    Of course Spitzer's conduct pales in comparison to that of the average Repig pervert. At least Spitzer is into adult females.

    But, a hypocrite is a hypocrite and there's no place in the new Democratic Party for such a person. Adultery is a vile and depressing act, regardless of any religious proclivities.
    The pain he's inflected upon his own family shows a self-centered, callous heart that thinks of it's self first.
    I feel for his family more than anything.

    But if we're going to attack people like Larry Craig and Mark Foley for being "Moral Crusaders" that don't practice what they preach, then we have to come down on guys like Spitzer equally lest we become like them.

    We're Liberals. The moral high ground is ours by default. We must not allow Right-Leaning Centrists to cause us to lose it.