Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Over

Rush Limbaugh hates Hillary. That's why he's helping her.

I suspect she isn't particularly fond of him either, but Hillary has to appreciate Limbaugh's call for Republicans to vote in the Democratic Primaries, now that the Republican race is settled. Rush wants Republicans to vote for Hillary because he thinks McCain can beat her in the general election. Hillary Clinton has the highest negatives of any national politician...Negatives are red meat to Republican operatives. It's all they've got.

So Republicans are crossing over to help pick a democratic candidate they can defeat.

No big deal right? Well check out these numbers...Between 12 and 13 percent of voters in the Democratic Primary in Mississippi identified themselves to exit pollers as Republicans, and...

They voted overwhelmingly for...Hillary Clinton.

Even so, Obama won Mississippi with 60% of the vote. Republican crossovers skewed the numbers somewhat, and we get a muddled picture of true voter feelings, but it's fairly certain that Obama trounced Clinton and would have beaten her by an even greater margin had she not been the Republican's choice.

Obama has picked up 8 more delegates in California and will win Texas, regardless of what the Clinton camp claims. Even with a few states left to go, Obama is beating Hillary by far more popular votes than Al Gore beat George Bush by in 2000, increasing his popular vote lead by more than just 90,000 yesterday.

So as the smoke clears this morning, we have the ever more certain realization that the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination is actually over...The people have chosen Obama.

The only thing the Hillary Clinton does by staying in the race, from this point forward, is to help John McCain's chances of continuing the devastating policies of George W. Bush. She cannot honestly win the Democratic nomination for President. It will be difficult for her even if she breaks the rules, which she seems willing to do...Breaking her party in the process.

If Hillary cares about America...really cares about her country and its people...She will bow out.

I wish her a long and successful career as Senator from the great state of New York, but only if she shows me the intelligence and courage to do what has to be done for My Country...and hers.




  1. There it is there.

    The longer this primary continues, the better it is for McBush.

    I'm beginning to see Hillary as more of a Republican operative than a Democratic candidate. As long as she continues to take up space in this primary (and taking up space is all she's doing), McCockroach continues to gain funding, support, and has yet to have to defend himself on any point.
    A campaign finance scandal and it blew right by. Our primary has become a distraction from more important issues and it's Hillary's cling-on presence that's responsible. She's not running, she's lingering.

    Disappear Hillary. For the sake of the Nation, disappear.

  2. I notice you don't have a link for your suggestion that the crossover votes went to Hillary and I suspect that the opposite is true. The Kucicnich camp has found otherwise - can't find the article but a youtube is here. and I know they turned out for Obama in my red state - though I strongly suspect that won't be the case in November. Obama's winning in states where he doesn't have a prayer in November and you believe the Republicans are crossing over and voting for Hillary?

    I've said before that I don't have a dog in this fight - as a progressive I think both of these candidates are pathetic but from your attacks on Hillary (especially the NAFTA incident which was debunked not only by the Canadian administration but Hillary's campaign gave them not only express permission but asked that they release any info on any assurances provided by either campaign), I think you have lost perspective.

    The fact of the matter is, Democrats are deeply divided on these candidates, neither can win the necessary delegate count and to ask either to step aside is ridiculous. Obama's empty rhetoric is going to catch up with him (I know, like Geraldine Ferraro, Larry Elder is likely racist) and we'll see where that leaves us. If Dems had any sense they'd go to a brokered convention and cast their lot for Edwards or Gore.

    But hey, keep pushing Obama - I guess we'll find out in November who was really voting for him.

  3. CJ,

    As long as I've run this blog, folks have learned that I don't try to shoot with an unloaded gun. Here's the link to the MSNBC exit poll I referenced.

  4. That's a nice fantasy, CJ. But in case you haven't noticed, Edwards is out and Gore was never in.

    You call yourself a "progressive"? Good, then all you need do is examine the differences in the voting records and you'll see that Obama is the more progressive of the two.

    That should be all you need. It all comes down to the voting records and where Hillary took wrong turns, Obama took right ones.

    Everything you need to know is right here.

    Happy reading.