Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Headlines Read

Big win for Hillary...Big Win...Big Win...over and over and over...The only win Hillary had was that she didn't lose ground in the delegate race for the Democratic nomination.

I struggle trying to talk with people around me about political matters, mainly because the pervasive ignorance is appalling. Very little of the things I hear them say are representative of the truth and the reason is that most folk's information comes from TV News and mine comes from reading various news sources on the internet and checking them against each other.

There was no "Big Win" but the effectiveness of going nasty in political campaigns has once again been proven.

Barack Obama has almost the exact same lead over Hillary as he had two days ago even though Hillary has resorted to the worst of political tactics and running her campaign more like Karl Rove every day. She had to in order to keep from being trounced, but all Hillary really managed to do is tread water. And...Unless Hillary Clinton can succeed in getting the Democratic Party to break the rules she pledged to abide by and seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan without holding a re-do, as the rules require, Hillary can NOT win the nomination.

It looks to me like Hillary must cheat to win.

Hillary decried Obama's "Shameless tactics" in a campaign ad he ran apparently because all of the claims in the Obama ad were true. At the same time she gave misleading speeches about Obama's record and experience. CNN commentator Paul Begala looked right into the camera and said "This is not a negative campaign" and they let him get away with that obvious falsehood. Not only that but they didn't point out that Begala is a Clinton operative as is the ever present James Carville...A political operative so ineffective that he can't even get his own wife to vote for his political party or even stop her from working for a political organization that he publicly states is destroying our Country.

The problem with all this is that nobody accepts the obvious. The American news media is not just doing a piss poor job of informing the American Electorate, they are actively engaged in doing just the opposite...And...By getting in bed with media mogul Rupert Murdoch of Fox News, Hillary Clinton will simply be unable to correct the greatest single cause of the destruction of our once great Nation...The disappearance of a Free Press.

If America in fact actually had a Free Press, the headlines would be very different. I would propose something like:

"Obama Maintains Lead in Delegate Count" or even:

"Clinton Fails to close Gap with Obama"



Josh Marshall points out that as dirty as Hillary is playing, it is nothing compared to what John McCain will resort to in the general election. Obama must be able to handle it and fight back.

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  1. "The only win Hillary had was that she didn't lose ground in the delegate race for the Democratic nomination."

    No truer words were ever spoken, man.