Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have a dream

If you heard Obama's speech, you have already wiped the tears from your eyes.

Some of you will have already decided that you, too, are "Here because of Ashley," and will have committed to helping your country take the next step out of this divisive morass that serves only the worst of us and is not representative of the best of what America is and can be.

Here is the transcript of Obama's speech today, in which he spoke of his love for all of his family, church, pastor, and friends, not in spite of their failings, but because of the good in each that is offered up to promote and work for a better America for others.


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  1. The Preacher controversy is all the Democratic Right has to work with. Hence the pathetic attempt to mount and ride it.

    The Clinton groupies think that the rest of the party is stupid enough to miss the fact that this Preacher is not running for the nomination, Barack Obama is. And Obama didn't say the shit and in fact, in his speech, profoundly rejected it by using Wright's words as an example of what's wrong with race relations in this country.

    One of the most eloquent speeches I've ever heard a candidate give.
    Proves that Obama has the poise to confront unexpected problems and overcome adversity. Something Hillary clearly doesn't have.

    Then there's the math. Hillary Clinton cannot win a full two thirds of the remaining PDs. Something she would have to do to win.