Thursday, March 27, 2008

'How stupid do you think I am?"

That is the question Democratic Super Delegates are asking Hillary Clinton.

"...Democratic Party insiders say they believe Clinton's direct attacks against Sen. Barack Obama in recent days are hurting the party and its chances in November, and also say it is showing a calculated, desperate-to-win side of Clinton that they dislike..."

"A full and fair debate about issues and differences and even fights is good," the delegate said. "Mud slinging, personal attacks and lying is never good for any political fight or party. And I see lot of that coming from one side more than the other."

The delegates said there is little the party or its leaders can do to prevent the current back and forth. But some said they were increasingly in touch with Clinton campaign officials to say their support is in jeopardy. "Uncommitted delegates can come out and say, 'If you don't stop this now, we won't vote for you,'" one uncommitted superdelegate said.

I don't think there's anything I can add to that. It's pretty plain language meaning, "Ok, Hillary...You can stay in the race if you want to even though everybody with a pencil knows it's over, but quit with the lying and tearing down your own political party!"

This should be on every Op-Ed in America.

Clinton has done more to harm her own image than anything else. Three months ago, I was defending her against the very conservatives she now has contributing to her campaign. Now I'm disappointed and highly motivated against her.

So be it.




  1. I was sent this comment directly but I thought it bears discussion so:

    "you are a broken record. obamas good hilarys bad. got it. anyhting else?"

    I guess I would like to retarget from Clinton to McCain, actually, but I see the campaign methods being used by Clinton as the most destructive thing to the American electoral process at present... and I want them stopped.

    "Obama-good, Hillary-Bad" is a gross oversimplification and misses the point. You should not be allowed to win an American election with lie and distortion, and whether this issues from Bush, Rove, McCain, or Clinton, does not matter.

    In this case, it amounts to the purposeful destruction of the political party that stands th best chance of healing my Country.

    Hillary can stop her divisive tactics and focus on issues, or remain at the top of my list of targets.

  2. Amazing, isn't it? This clique of Clinton Groupies is a study in self-subversion and erratic mental behavior.

    For years, as a member of RRMB (Randi Rhodes at Air America), we constantly did verbal battle with the Freepers (Free Republic). We always won because we armed with the truth and they brought only lies and denial to battle.
    We cussed each other, threatened each other, challenged each other to meet and fight...LOL :D

    But in the end, they crawled back into their holes and under their rocks because time showed them that everything the Left warned about the War, the Economy, the PNAC, all the Bushco players has turned out to be correct.

    These Clinton die-nevers remind me more of the Freepers than any other group. Collective denial, putting personal interests before the interests of the nation and our people....
    Some of the rabid feminazis down the wire there are still making statements like "Obama should quit because Hillary is going to win".

    This is mental illness. It's like Bush claiming "victory" in Iraq last week. They're in orbit, dude.

    I understand them saying "We will vote for McCain"!
    If it wasn't for the womb they'd be voting Repig in every election anyway.

    All in all, these people are very few. Far fewer than they seem. Most Clinton supporters will begin to fade from her due to her poorly displayed character. Democrats are not stupid and our women are the smartest in the country. They care about the party and about progressive values. They will do the right thing.
    The handful that won't? Fuck 'em. We don't need their fringe votes. We will acquire enough new voters and returning genuine Liberal voters to offset them and then some.

    Obama will be the nominee. McCain is the enemy.
    I'm glad to see a Super that has the blinders off. Hopefully all of them will view this primary with equal clarity.